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AI Coins Mirror Surge On Nvidia; Analysts Suggest Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Has Potential For Major Gains



AI coins rally on Nvidia gains as market sentiment turns positive.
Some analysts are forecasting that Milei Moneda ($MEDA) could soar remarkably in its ongoing presale.

Nvidia’s recent bull run in the stock market has provided a tailwind for many AI-focused cryptocurrency projects. Meanwhile, Milei Moneda ($MEDA) has emerged as a strong performer that could have the potential for outsized gains, with its ongoing presale generating significant traction ahead of its official launch on Uniswap.

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Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA

Nvidia’s Rise Sparks Surge in AI Coins: What’s Happening?

The recent surge in the value of AI coins has coincided with a notable rally in the shares of Nvidia, the prominent chipmaker renowned for its association with artificial intelligence. This parallel upward movement suggests a correlation between the performance of AI coins and the market sentiment surrounding Nvidia.

RNDR, the utility token associated with The Render Network, has particularly stood out with an impressive pump of nearly 40%. Similarly, other AI coins such as AGIX from SingularityNET, TAO from Bittensor, and FET from have also outperformed the broader cryptocurrency market, displaying gains ranging from 17% to 23%.

Moreover, the performance of AI coins is further substantiated by DYOR’s relative strength crypto narrative tracker, which highlights decentralized AI coins and DePIN tokens associated with decentralized physical infrastructure as some of the best-performing assets in the past week.

Milei Moneda: The Next Crypto Sensation?

Milei Moneda has been generating considerable buzz in the cryptocurrency market, with many experts recognizing its potential for significant gains. With the ongoing presale already seeing an impressive sale of over 68 million tokens, the stage is set for $MEDA to soar to unprecedented heights. 

Investors now have an opportunity to participate in Stage 3 of the presale, where they can acquire $MEDA tokens at an altcoin price of $0.015.

The anticipation surrounding its launch is driving expectations for a substantial increase in value. The token will launch at a DeFi coin price of $0.020. This promising forecast implies an impressive 100% ROI for early adopters.

However, the potential for gains doesn’t stop there. Some industry analysts are predicting a remarkable 100x price surge for $MEDA in just a matter of weeks after its official launch on Uniswap. Such exponential growth potential has captured the attention of investors seeking substantial returns within a short timeframe.

In addition to the financial benefits, participants in the presale are rewarded with a host of exclusive perks. These include discounts, voting rights, monthly giveaways, and privileged access to the most popular NFTs on the Milei Moneda platform.

Such incentives further enhance the appeal of $MEDA, convincing some analysts that it could be one of the best cryptos to invest in now.

Got $MEDA curiosity? Visit the website or chat to the project team on Telegram for the inside scoop.

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