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Analysts bullish on Pepe (PEPE), Rollblock (RBLK) and Kaspa (KAS) – are these the best cryptos to buy right now?


With a number of analysts indicating that Pepe (PEPE), Rollblock (RBLK) and Kaspa (KAS) might be some of the best coins to invest in right now, let’s dig into the details to find out if they might be top crypto coins for investors seeking outsized returns. 

Rollblock Revenue Sharing Model: A Game-Changer for Crypto Investors

Rollblock (RBLK) is a new GambleFi platform that seeks to transform the igaming and casino market. Rollblock hopes to make its platform the most transparent and secure casino in the world. To achieve that, all transactions in the ecosystem are permanent and immutable, making it hard to change bets once placed. While Pepe and Kaspa are among the best coins to invest in now, some analysts believe Rollblock might have even better growth prospects. 

Rollblock has a strong ecosystem that uses state-of-the-art technology. The Rollblock casino is operational and licensed with the relevant authorities to ensure players’ security and reach a wider audience globally. Also, with its innovative blockchain-provably fair gaming technology, players are assured of having an excellent gaming experience without facing downtime issues.

Rollblock has an excellent revenue-sharing model in which token holders are rewarded with up to 30% of the weekly revenue, in which tokens are bought from the open market and 50% are burned to stabilize the price while the other 50% are used for staking rewards. The Rollblock native token, RBLK, is sold for just $0.012. 

The token serves numerous purposes in the ecosystem. Outside being the currency of the ecosystem, users can convert it to cryptos or fiat currencies. The token also gives users exclusive access to certain games. With the growing interest among whales, experts project RBLK to gain 880% in presale and some have even predicted it might 100x on launch, putting it on investors’ list of good crypto to buy now.

Pepe Trading Volume Declines Amid Surging Momentum

Pepe Coin is a deflationary meme coin launched on Ethereum. Since its launch, it has gained over 17,000% to rank as one of the best crypto coins in the market. The deflationary mechanism has been one of the driving factors. In the past months, the Pepe token burn rate has increased, leading to massive rallies. 

According to CoinMarketCap data, the Pepe price has grown by over 500% in the past year. The token has gained over 100% in the past month alone, which is attributed to whale activities. Also, the Pepe trading volume has increased to over $1B, with the Pepe market cap also close to $5B. Having set a new price record in the past few days, analysts project the price to reach $0.00005 in Q3, making it one of the top cryptos to accumulate now. 

Kaspa Price Predictions: Is $0.20 Realistic Before the End of June?

Kaspa (KAS) is one of the top crypto coins that witnessed massive rallies earlier in the year. The Kaspa token set a new all-time high of $0.18 on February 20 before witnessing a retracement. Even while battling the bear trend, Kaspa’s price has maintained support above $0.10. 

Meanwhile, the Kaspa technical analysis shows a bull run is imminent. Some analysts project that if Kaspa’s price surpasses the $0.15 resistance zone in the month, a rally toward the $0.20 mark is possible in June. The low Kaspa market cap means that the token has more potential for growth. As such, investing in Kaspa could become profitable in the long term. 

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