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BCB Group migrates its digital asset custody operations to Ripple’s Metaco platform


BCB Group migrates custody to Metaco’s platform, enhancing security and governance.
Ripple’s strategic acquisition of Metaco strengthens its position in the crypto industry.
The collaboration aims to drive innovation and efficiency in digital asset operations.

In a strategic maneuver in collaboration with Ripple, Metaco, and IBM Cloud, BCB Group has transitioned its custody operations to Metaco’s platform, a move aimed at streamlining its digital asset management. The London-based firm, known for providing payment and trading services to major crypto institutions, including Gemini and Kraken, has chosen Metaco’s flagship platform to enhance the security and efficiency of its operations.

This decision marks a significant shift for BCB Group, which has migrated from a third-party digital asset technology provider to leverage Metaco’s advanced custody orchestration platform.

With this move, BCB Group aims to centralize its custody technology, ensuring a seamless and secure environment for managing digital assets.

BCB Group’s Co-founder and CEO, Oliver Tonkin, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Ripple, Metaco, and IBM Cloud, emphasizing its role in delivering superior services to the digital asset ecosystem.

The consolidation of custody technology onto Metaco’s platform aligns with BCB Group’s commitment to providing top-tier services while adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance.

Metaco’s rise after acquisition by Ripple

Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco for $250 million last year underscores the company’s strategic vision to expand its presence in the crypto industry.

While recent changes in Metaco’s leadership have been reported, including the departure of its CEO and chief product officer, the collaboration with BCB Group highlights Ripple’s continued efforts to strengthen its position in the market.

Metaco’s custody platform offers advanced security features and robust governance mechanisms, making it an ideal choice for institutions seeking to optimize their digital asset operations.

By partnering with Metaco, BCB Group aims to capitalize on the platform’s capabilities to scale its commercial offerings and navigate evolving regulatory requirements effectively.

Overall, the collaboration between BCB Group, Ripple, Metaco, and IBM Cloud represents a strategic alliance aimed at driving innovation and efficiency in the digital asset ecosystem. With BCB Group’s migration to Metaco’s platform, backed by Ripple’s expertise, the firm is poised to elevate its custody operations to new heights, catering to the evolving needs of institutional clients in the crypto space.

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