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Bear pressure casts a shadow on BNB price recovery: does Bitbot offer a better chance?


BNB struggles below $600, facing bearish pressure and uncertainties amid the Alex Protocol Bridge incident.
Bitbot (BITBOT) emerges as an alternative, offering institutional-grade trading on Telegram.
Bitbot (BITBOT) token is currently in its presale stage and it is priced at $0.018 per token.

BNB price is struggling to regain momentum amidst uncertainties and the recent Alex Protocol Bridge suspicious withdrawals that rocked the BNB Smart Chain network.

Meanwhile, Bitbot emerges as a potential alternative, promising innovative features and a new token.

BNB price recovery in limbo amid Alex Protocol Bridge incident

BNB’s journey towards recovery faces hurdles as it contends with bearish signals below the $600 mark. Despite attempts to breach resistance levels at $575 and $585, the token finds itself in a precarious position.

The failure to clear the $600 resistance zone triggered a fresh decline, exacerbating concerns among investors.

Compounding the challenges is the recent incident involving the Alex protocol bridge on the BNB Smart Chain. The protocol suffered a staggering $4.3 million in suspicious withdrawals immediately after its contract underwent a sudden upgrade. CertiK, a blockchain security platform, labeled the event as a possible private key compromise, highlighting the vulnerability of decentralized networks to malicious activities.

Bitbot (BITBOT) token offers an alternative opportunity

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding BNB, Bitbot (BITBOT) emerges as a potential alternative, offering innovative solutions in the crypto trading landscape.

Bitbot is an AI Telegram trading bot designed to empower users with institutional-grade tools, enabling seamless trading experiences directly from Telegram while maintaining full control of assets. The platform’s unique features include leveraging custom RPC nodes and institutional infrastructure to outpace the competition, handling sudden influxes of traffic during popular project launches, and ensuring assets are accessible only with user permission.

Currently conducting its presale, Bitbot has raised approximately $3,408,687 out of its $3,546,000 target. With each BITBOT token priced at $0.018 during the presale stage, Bitbot presents itself as a compelling option for traders seeking a reliable and secure trading platform.


In the midst of bearish pressures and uncertainties surrounding BNB, Bitbot stands out as a promising contender in the crypto trading sphere. With its innovative approach and focus on providing users with robust trading tools, Bitbot offers an alternative avenue for traders to navigate the volatile market landscape.

As investors weigh their options amidst ongoing market challenges, Bitbot’s presale success and unique features position it as a potential game-changer in the crypto trading ecosystem. The platform’s commitment to security, reliability, and user empowerment sets a new standard for trading platforms, providing traders with confidence and peace of mind in their investment endeavours.

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