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Bitbot presale officially launches, raises $27k in minutes


Key takeaways

The Bitbot presale officially launched a few hours ago, giving investors to purchase the tokens at a discount price

The presale has so far raised more than $25,000 within minutes. 

The cryptocurrency market has underperformed since spot Bitcoin ETFs were launched in the United States. However, the Bitbot presale has launched, granting investors an early chance to purchase the tokens at a discount. 

Bitbot’s presale commences

The cryptocurrency market has been trading sideways since the spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved a week ago. Bitcoin’s price continues to trade sub $43k, with other altcoins also underperforming.

However, trading volume in the market continues to be strong, with more investors entering the space. With that happening, the Bitbot presale officially commenced today.

Bitbot, a Telegram bot, could become a disruptive force, offering a self-custodial trading solution on Telegram. The Bitbot token presale introduces a new wave of excitement and investment opportunities.

According to the development team, Bitbot has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The presale will be in eight stages and 30% of the total token supply will be distributed during this period. 

Furthermore, another 20% of the tokens are allocated to the Bitbot development team to fund ongoing innovation, ensuring long-term utility.

Bitbot promises to offer users a wide range of powerful features to help them grow their trading portfolios. The bot features an ultra-flexible wallet management, powered by MPC custodial API technology, making it a unique trading bot. 

Bitbot’s MPC system is far superior to the private keys that are common in the space. The MPC uses individual key shares, boosting privacy and accuracy for the users. 

The trading bot also leverages Knightsafe, its custody partner, to add an extra layer of security, thanks to its open-source and decentralized digital asset self-custody service.

Finally, Bitbot will also use part of the funds raised from the various presale stages to develop anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions for users to protect their assets.

Bitbot presale raises $27k in minutes

The Bitbot presale officially launched a few minutes ago and the project has raised more than $27,000 so far. This represents more than 10% of the funds required in the first presale stage.

It’s Showtime!

The $BITBOT Presale is officially LIVE!

Grab this unique opportunity to be a part of the future of crypto trading.

Join us now and embark on an exciting journey.

66% returns await in stage 1.

Buy Now:

— Bitbot (@Official_Bitbot) January 17, 2024

The team intends to $200,000 in the first presale stage. At the moment, the BITBOT token is sold for $0.01 but is set to increase to $0.015 in the second presale stage. 

Bitbot is available on the Ethereum and BNBChain blockchains. Users can purchase the token using ETH, BNB, USDT and USDC stablecoins. To purchase the tokens, simply connect your wallet to the Bitbot official website and choose the coin you wish to use for payment. 

Is Bitbot a good investment?

The decision to invest in any cryptocurrency is solely up to the investor. The investor needs to carry out in-depth research and determine if the coin or token is worth their money.

However, Bitbot has the potential to become an excellent cryptocurrency project. As the presale launches today, it is crucial to know that Bitbot introduces an anti-MEV bot, preventing monitoring by MEV bots and anti-rug features to thwart potential scams. 

The presence of copy trading features on the trading bot also makes it an exciting tool. Users also get to enjoy a built-in referral program and sign up with ease, creating an enticing user experience.

In terms of tokenomics, Bitbot will share its tokens for various purposes, including development, marketing, and liquidity provision. If the development team achieve the $1 billion market cap set for Bitbot, early investors will rake in excellent returns on investments (ROIs). 

Finally, the upcoming $100K competition adds a layer of excitement, with Bitbot set to attract more traders to its ecosystem. 

Final thoughts

As more traders believe that the Bull Run is here, investors continue to search for gems and Bitbot could be one of the biggest investments in the market. The numbers raised so far from the presale make Bitbot an exciting prospect in the market. 

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