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Bitcoin Dogs prepare for exchange listing after raising $13.4m in presale


Key takeaways

The Bitcoin Dogs presale has ended and the project has raised nearly $13.5 million.

The team is now working to list $0DOG on exchanges while allowing investors to claim their tokens. 

What is Bitcoin Dogs?

The cryptocurrency market has been bearish over the last few days but that hasn’t stopped new projects from raising funds. Bitcoin Dogs is one of the projects on the Bitcoin blockchain that is attracting interest from investors. 

It is a unique project as it is the first BRC-20 ICO on the Blockchain network. Bitcoin Dogs is offering investors an exciting value proposition by combining the basic features of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralised finance (DeFi), and Web3 culture. 

The Bitcoin Dogs presale lasted for only a month and it raised more than $13 million. The team is now preparing to list the $0DOG token on decentralised and centralised exchanges. 

The presale launched right after the US SEC approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs. Despite a recent decline in inflow, the spot Bitcoin ETFs launched by BlackRock, Fidelity, and others have already attracted billions of dollars in the last two months. 

In addition to that, the Bitcoin halving is barely a month away. It is an exciting event that reduces the reward for Bitcoin mining by half and could see BTC’s price soar higher in the near term. These factors contributed to making Bitcoin Dogs’ ICO a special one in the market. 

Bitcoin Dogs presale ends after raising $13.495 million

The Bitcoin Dogs presale has officially ended, with $13.495 million raised. This amount was raised within a month, indicating high interest amongst investors for this project and its token. 

The team said they will only mint 900 million $0DOG tokens. However, token holders would be granted access to an exclusive NFT collection and an immersive gaming ecosystem. 

With the presale now over, Bitcoin Dogs is already looking at the next stage. According to the development team, the next step is to get the $0DOG token listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

$0DOG tokens are minted on the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition to listing the token on crypto exchanges, Bitcoin Dogs will let investors know how they can claim their $0DOG tokens. The team will provide instructions on claiming $0DOG so investors can trade it.

Should you buy $0DOG once it lists on exchanges?

The Bitcoin Dogs presale has officially ended, with the team raising nearly $13.5 million in the process. This means that purchasing the $0DOG token would only be possible via cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The project is leveraging Bitcoin’s ongoing rally and its token could also benefit from the Bull Run. $0DOG could become a winner in this bull cycle as Bitcoin Dogs is the first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

With the right level of adoption, the $0DOG token could become one of the biggest winners in the market over the next few months and years.

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