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Bitcoin wallet dormant for 12 years suddenly moves 500 BTC


According to on-chain data, a Satoshi era wallet has suddenly moved 500 BTC.
The Bitcoin wallet last transacted when the BTC price hovered near $8.

On-chain data shows a Bitcoin wallet that last transacted nearly 12 years ago has suddenly moved all 500 BTC it held.

According to data Lookonchain shared on March 30, the said wallet had been inactive since July 2012.

The last transaction that sent the 500 BTC to the wallet was at a time when Bitcoin price was a mere $8, Lookonchain noted.

A wallet that had been dormant for 11.7 years transferred all 500 $BTC($34.78M) to multiple new wallets.

This wallet received 500 $BTC($3,786 at the time) on Jul 14, 2012, when the price of $BTC was only $7.57.


— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 30, 2024

While the wallet owner’s identity is unknown, the transfer to new addresses comes as Bitcoin price hovers around $70k. The benchmark cryptocurrency reached a new all-time high this month when it raced above $73k.

At current prices, the transferred coins are worth about $35 million.

In April last year, another Satoshi-ear wallet woke up after a decade of dormancy. The wallet, held 1,128 BTC and had last been active in 2012, transferred 279 BTC. The last transaction from this wallet had been when Bitcoin price was around $12.

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