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Bitget’s COO Leads Discussion on Cryptocurrency’s Future at Blockchain Life Week 2024


Victoria, Seychelles, April 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget’s Chief Operating Officer, Vugar Usi Zade, shared the stage during the recent Blockchain Life Week 2024, with other distinguished leaders from top crypto exchanges in a panel titled “Conductors in the World of Cryptocurrencies: What Top Exchanges Think About 2024”. The discussion provided an in-depth look at the anticipated developments and strategic directions for the crypto industry in the upcoming year.

Vugar Usi Zade highlighted the critical importance of prioritizing end-user experiences and privacy, drawing lessons from historical challenges such as the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal. He stressed the necessity for industry leaders to work closely with regulators to enhance user protection without stifling innovation.

“Our goal is to ensure that legislation supports the growth of blockchain technologies rather than hindering it,” Usi Zade noted. “As key players, centralized exchanges should work with legislators and educate them on how blockchain technology works and how introducing legislation should help the end user.”

Addressing the infrastructure of the gig economy and energy sectors, Usi Zade shared insights about Bitget’s initiatives to support the integration of blockchain technologies in various industries. “We are particularly excited about our projects that give NFTs a second chance and promote sustainable energy practices among communities,” he added.

A significant focus for Bitget in the coming years, as outlined by Usi Zade, will be on developing and nurturing talent within the blockchain sector. He emphasized the company’s commitment to invest in entrepreneurial innovation on its platform. “We believe in empowering new talent to build and develop rather than trying to do everything ourselves,” he explained. “There are so many opportunities, and we need so much talent, for the entire economy and industry. In the next two years, we will invest as many resources as possible to develop talent.”

With an exemplary track record of safety, Bitget underscores its pledge to user security through substantial financial safeguards, including a robust protection fund. “We maintain a 200% proof of reserve, ensuring that funds remain secure even if all users withdraw their assets simultaneously.” Usi Zade asserted. “We have security measures in place, but in case something goes wrong, we have an insured Protection Fund to make sure that there are no customers suffering at the other end.” The Bitget COO emphasized that its Protection Fund is one of the largest in the industry, providing an additional layer of security against potential breaches.

Usi Zade also discussed the role of centralized exchanges in facilitating access to the crypto market. He described how Bitget has simplified the transition for users from traditional finance to cryptocurrencies through user-friendly services like social logins and comprehensive customer support.

The COO concluded his talk by touching upon the regulatory challenges and the potential of decentralized exchanges to evolve further. “As legislation in Europe begins to affect how users can transact with non-KYC wallets, centralized exchanges will need to adapt. However, this also presents an opportunity to redefine our roles, potentially acting as intermediaries in large B2B transactions,” he speculated.

The panel discussion at Blockchain Life Week 2024 provided much-needed insights into the crypto industry’s expected trajectory. It also reinforced Bitget’s position as a leader prepared to navigate and shape the future landscape of digital currencies.

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