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BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies forge a strategic DeFi partnership


BlockGuard and Pixelette form a strategic DeFi partnership.
Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO, joins BlockGuard as an advisor, bringing expertise in blockchain and AI.
The collaboration focuses on BlockGuard’s vision for transparent, efficient, and accessible Web3 risk management.

Web3 platform BlockGuard has inked an equity partnership with Pixelette Technologies, a leading London-based blockchain and IT firm.

The collaboration not only marks a significant step for BlockGuard but also brings aboard Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO and a key figure advising the British government on blockchain and AI matters, as an advisor.

Pixelette Technologies’s 5% equity stake in BlockGuard

As part of the strategic partnership, Pixelette Technologies has secured a 5% equity stake in BlockGuard. This move aligns with Pixelette’s commitment to exploring innovative technological avenues, particularly in the realms of AI and blockchain.

As a testament to this commitment, Asif Ashiq Rana, Pixelette’s CEO, expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating that the entire team is thrilled to contribute to BlockGuard’s vision through top-tier development solutions.

BlockGuard’s vision and Pixelette’s expertise converge

BlockGuard, at the forefront of revolutionizing risk management in the Web3 space, emphasizes transparency, accessibility, and efficiency for global investors. With a focus on long-term asset growth and stability, BlockGuard offers decentralized professionally managed funds, a gold-backed token, and advanced financial planning software leveraging blockchain and AI. Pixelette Technologies, known for bleeding-edge solutions in AI, blockchain, and the metaverse, is set to play a pivotal role in building BlockGuard’s tokenized gold system and an enhanced blockchain infrastructure.

As Asif Ashiq Rana steps into an advisory role, BlockGuard not only gains a valuable equity partner but also taps into Rana’s extensive experience, including his position as the Managing Director at the award-winning think tank, Big Innovation Centre (BIC). This collaboration signifies a convergence of expertise and innovation, propelling BlockGuard’s DeFi vision into the promising landscape of 2024 and beyond.

This strategic partnership between BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies not only solidifies their commitment to advancing DeFi solutions but also sets the stage for future developments in the dynamic intersection of AI, blockchain, and decentralized finance.

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