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Dogwifhat and FLOKI count on sharp recovery while RECQ presale attracts new memecoin hype wave


The dogwifhat (WIF) token price is predicted to make a recovery and rise above $3
The FLOKI token price expected to course correct and trade above $0.00025
Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ presale price has risen by 85% since the presale started.

The investors of top crypto coins like dogwifhat (WIF) and FLOKI are counting on a sharp recovery after the recent dump. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi’s new token, $RECQ, has become one of the best cryptos to buy during its ongoing presale.

Let’s understand why $RECQ is causing the meme coin hype to grow ahead of top altcoins like WIF and FLOKI.

The dogwifhat (WIF) price drops sharply amid broader market dip

One of the top-performing altcoins in the market, dogwifhat (WIF), has not been untouched by the recent market volatility. Initially, the WIF token dropped to $2.02 on March 20 before bouncing again. The token then rose by 137.6% to an all-time high of $4.80 on March 31.

Since then, the dogwifhat token has dropped drastically as the market has fallen. It was trading at $2.72 on April 13, with a drop of 43.3%. While its price dropped, the dogwifhat (WIF) Perpetual Contracts went live on the Woofi exchange on April 12.

As a result, the WIF token is primed to rise again going forward. Experts predict that the dogwifhat will rise above $3 and beyond.

FLOKI continues to trade in red after briefly showing strength

The FLOKI token has faced turbulent times since the end of the meme coin run in mid-March. The FLOKI token first dropped to $0.00016 on March 19 before it bounced back along with the market. The FLOKI price then went up by 62.4% to $0.00026 on March 28 as a result. However, this bounce was also cut short as the FLOKI token has been on a downtrend since then.

The FLOKI price has since dropped by 42.3% to trade at $0.00015 on April 13. While FLOKI dropped, its DAO proposed prioritizing Token holders and stakers on TokenFi on April 8. The FLOKI token was listed on Thailand’s Bitazza Exchange on April 12.

Hence, the dip in the FLOKI price is being seen as temporary. Experts predict the FLOKI price to rise above $0.00025 in the coming months.

Rebel Satoshi’s second token presale attracts investors attention

The innovative and groundbreaking project Rebel Satoshi has proven to be a game-changer for the memecoin landscape. Rebel Satoshi is not a mere memecoin but is a revolution inspired by the ideals of Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto. Rebel Satoshi is a movement against the elites and the centralized financial institutions.

The Rebel Satoshi ecosystem and movement are built on the twin pillars of the $RBLZ and the $RECQ tokens. The Rebel Satoshi rebellion aims to grow to a market cap of $100 million. Rebel Satoshi has made the $RBLZ and the $RECQ contracts public that have been audited by SourceHat.

Rebel Satoshi is conducting the presale of the $RECQ token right now after raising $2.5 million with the $RBLZ presale. The $RECQ token is priced at $0.0037 in Stage 1 after surging 85% already from the Early Bird Stage. The $RECQ presale is forecast to generate 237.8% returns for the current investors, with its price scheduled to rise to $0.0125 by the end of the presale. That growth is the reason many investors consider the $RECQ token to be one of the best altcoins to buy right now.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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