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Is Everlodge ($EGLD) a buy as Thailand boosts real estate-backed tokens?


Thailand lifts restrictions on real estate-backed tokens for retails: 
Should you buy Everlodge? This project aims at disrupting the vacation property space.
$EGLD’s presale continues to attract attention from traders.

In latest crypto news, Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has updated its regulatory restrictions on retail participation in real estate-backed tokens. The development could see more retail investors in the country join real estate investment trusts (REITs) and token-backed property projects.

As the industry digests this development, a new project that seeks to democratize the real estate investment space, is gearing up for market debut as its presale draws towards a close.

Here’s what Thai’s regulatory move means and how Everlodge ($EGLD) is positioned to transform the property industry via tokenization.

Retail investors can join real estate-backed ICOs

An update by the Thai SEC on January 18, 2024 says that the regulator has revised the criteria for retail investing in digital tokens whose underlying asset or revenue streams is real estate or infrastructure.

The regulator announced the lifting of its previous requirement that retail investment in real estate-backed or infrastructure-backed tokens could only invest up to 300,000 baht ($8,500).

With this update, retail investors have more opportunities to participate in the real estate market. This new approach to digital tokens took effect on January 16, the regulator noted.

Everlodge ($EGLD) brings fractional real estate ownership to retailers

If you ever wanted to invest in a luxury villas, hotels and vacation homes but couldn’t make the cut, now you can do it via fractional investing.

Everlodge ($EGLD), a crypto startup that wants to bring the real estate marketplace to the blockchain. Statista estimates that this core investment sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.41% from 2024-2028, projecting a market size of over $729 trillion by end of 2028.

As tokenization drives more interest amid adoption of real-world assets on the blockchain, retail investors can diversify with Everlodge, taking a stab at competing for investment opportunities in the vast real estate market.

As an example, a retail investor can take up an investment as an owner of a luxury home for as little as $100. Then, as the value of vacation property explodes, so will the fractional shares’ price, giving retailers a chance to be part of this market.

Everlodge aims at accelerating this, with its fractional trading marketplace, powered by the native $EGLD token. The token functions as the native currency in the Everlodge ecosystem and will offer staking opportunities as well as discounts on marketplace purchases.

With ownership and deed titles stored as NFTs, trading opens another layer of opportunities for the community.

$EGLD is currently available only via presale.

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