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Jasmy unveils major partnership with Panasonic


Jasmy has announced a partnership with tech giant Panansonic
Following the news, JasmyCoin (JASMY) price soared to above $0.023.

On Tuesday, March 26, Jasmy Incorporated announced that it was teaming up with Panasonic Advanced Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

The collaboration aims at creating a Web3-based platform that will connect personal information with Interenet of Things (IoT) devices. Jasmy CFO Hara shared the news on X.

#JASMY and #Panasonic Advanced Technology begin collaboration to develop #IoT platform.

We will spend 3-6 months building a platform that ties a personal data locker, a decentralized DB, to the IoT and allows device information to be attributed to individuals and provided to…

— HARA (@HARA_JasmyCFO) March 26, 2024

According to details in a press release, the new platform will integrate information that individuals generate with that of IoT devices to enable a highly secure storage and sharing of personal information.

The new platform will tap into Jasmy’s ‘Personal Data Locker’ and Panasonic’s IoT expertise and technology, the firms noted. 

This platform will incorporate agile development methods with Web3 technology, emphasizing speed in its development. Our goal is to release it as a platform, attracting a wide range of users across various fields. By utilizing this platform, we can create services that work well with many different things and can be used in various ways, significantly enhancing the efficiency of app and service development,” the Jasmy team wrote.

The two companies will release more details about the partnership in the future.

JASMY price soars on Panasonic partnership news

JasmyCoin (JASMY) surged more than 12% early Tuesday as the crypto market digested the potential impact of a groundbreaking partnership between Jasmy and Panasonic.

JASMY soared to highs of $0.023 and saw over $203 million in 24-hour trading volume following the announcement.

JASMY token reached highs of $0.026 in early March and is currently more than 750% up since its all-time lows reached in December 2022.

Although it’s one of the coins to recently attract a lot of attention from the investing community, the current JASMY price is way off the all-time high of $4.79 reached in February 2021.

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