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OSEAN DAO Celebrates Company Registration Milestone and Announces an Upcoming 5 Million $OSEAN Airdrop


Majuro, Marsall Island, April 17th, 2024, Chainwire

OSEAN DAO is advancing rapidly: With company registration on the horizon, the organization is preparing to acquire its first boat and has announced a 5 million $OSEAN commemorative airdrop scheduled for May.

The project has attracted a diverse team of skilled professionals and achieved significant milestones in a short time.

Having reached a $2 million market cap last month, OSEAN DAO has now successfully gathered half of the funds needed for its first boat, setting the stage for the forthcoming milestone of company registration.


Pioneering the fusion of yachting and cryptocurrency

Founded by a professional yachting team, OSEAN DAO is pioneering the integration of the yachting industry—valued at over $9.38 billion in 2023—with the cryptocurrency sector, representing the first Real World Asset (RWA) bridge of its kind.

Leveraging the extensive experience of its founders who currently manage a successful yachting charter and training business, the team has crafted a detailed business plan that spans from boat management to cryptocurrency marketing.

As the completion of the company registration approaches, the project is moving closer to acquiring its first boat and achieving its goal of generating potential revenue through a variety of maritime activities for the DAO.

“With the BTC halving approaching and our ongoing marketing efforts, it’s just a matter of time before we secure the remaining funds to buy our first asset. Once sailing in the Mediterranean Sea bearing the OSEAN DAO brand, it’ll prove our concept and be a major turning point for the project, our DAO members and our holders.” said Christos TSAFAROGLOU, Founder of OSEAN DAO

Company registration sets stage for industry entry

Expected to be completed by the end of the month, the company registration is a critical advancement for OSEAN DAO. By formally establishing the entity and identifying key management members, this registration ensures accountability and transparency, addressing common concerns within the cryptocurrency ecosystem about the risks of scams by anonymous entities.

The registration will enable the company to function as a legal entity that represents the DAO, allowing access to credit accounts, contract-making capabilities, and other essential functions, thus positioning OSEAN DAO for its formal entry into the yachting industry.

Unlocking partnership opportunities

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration enhances OSEAN DAO’s ability to form strategic partnerships within the yachting industry. This registration facilitates collaboration with established yacht charter companies, manufacturers, or brokers, aiding in the acquisition of vessels for OSEAN DAO’s fleet and improving the efficiency and reliability of its maritime activities.

Such partnerships are crucial for diversifying offerings and creating multiple income streams. As part of its expansion plans, the team aims to enhance yachting services through an online store that accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. This store will feature a variety of products and services from OSEAN DAO and its partners, including cruise bookings, yacht furnishings, and exclusive OSEAN DAO merchandise.

“We’re about to open up a significant gateway between the crypto and yachting industries. Many innovative mechanisms can be leveraged to enhance each industry through the other and we are about to explore all of them!” explained Christos TSAFAROGLOU.

5 million $OSEAN airdrop announcement

In celebration of its achievements and in recognition of the unwavering support from its community since its launch on April 30, 2023, OSEAN DAO is planning a 5 million $OSEAN airdrop in May 2024.

Carefully designed to offer a fair opportunity to all participants, this initiative is in line with OSEAN DAO’s overarching goal of reducing barriers to entry in the yachting market, enabling more individuals to engage with this expanding industry.

“The airdrop is designed to reward our holders and loyal community members with significant benefits, while attracting new participants with exciting incentives. Our aim is to unite the entire community in celebration of OSEAN DAO’s success with a lively and inclusive event.” said Eric FOURNIER, Head Marketing Advisor at OSEAN DAO.

Participants can try to increase their chances of receiving rewards by joining OSEAN DAO’s social media channels and exploring opportunities within the project.

For further updates and information about the upcoming airdrop, users can refer to OSEAN DAO’s official communication channels.


OSEAN DAO is the first Multichain Real World Asset (RWA) cryptocurrency project designed to invest in Yachting. Deployed on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks, OSEAN DAO aims to democratise the yachting industry sector by leveraging blockchain technology.

$OSEAN holders can already benefit from rewards for staking without any lock-in or vesting period, using the OSEAN DAO staking platform.

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