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Particle Network introduces modular L1 blockchain for a multi-chain ecosystem


Particle Network’s modular L1 blockchain is a universal settlement layer for a multi-chain ecosystem.
It features Chain abstraction and Universal Accounts.

Particle Network has introduced its modular Layer-1 blockchain, an upgrade powered by chain abstraction and universal accounts to make user experience across blockchains easier.

Particle Network’s L1 is a Cosmos-SDK-based blockchain that will act “as a universal settlement layer for the multi-chain ecosystem.”

Relying on the Cosmos SDK to build this chain allows us to make it intrinsically modular, retaining its sovereignty while outsourcing key functions like validation and data availability to specialized ecosystem actors. Our L1 is also based on Rollkit and uses Berachain’s Polaris framework for EVM compatibility. Furthermore, it leverages a Universal Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol for interoperability, enabling cheap, fast cross-chain transaction execution,” Particle Network noted in a blog post.

A unique user experience

According to the Particle Network team, chain abstraction allows for simplified user interactions in a multi-chain ecosystem.

Within this framework, any user can interact with any product and asset in the rapidly growing Web3 landscape. Chain abstraction enables functionality for Universal Accounts, which in this case, create an environment that works similar to a single chain with unified liquidity and sovereignty.

Chain abstraction and universal accounts allow users to interact with different types of blockchain networks and decentralised applications (dApps). Particle’s Wallet Abstraction means a universal Web3 experience with no worries about multiple wallets and bridging among other factors.

The L1 will rely on Universal Accounts for simplified smart contract management across all EVM chains as well as heterogeneous blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL).

Universal Liquidity will provide for unified liquidity with optimistic execution of atomic transactions and swaps. There’s also Universal Gas Token that allows users to pay gas with a single gas token rather than multiple units.

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