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Polygon zkEVM restarts after hitch while Bitbot presale hits $1.3 million


Polygon zkEVM halted operations following a sequencer issue.
MATIC price was poised above $1.00 despite the negative development.
Meanwhile, Bitbot reached stage 7 of its presale, with growing interest in Telegram bots pushing the total raised amount to over $1.3 million.

Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta is back online after a sequence issue caused an outage, the Polygon team has announced. 

MATIC price held strong despite the setback while investors keen on opportunities in the Telegram bots space flocked to Bitbot. The project’s presale has surpassed $1.3 million.

Polygon zkEVM resumes operations after outage fix

Polygon Labs announced early Monday that the mainnet beta of Polygon zkEVM was back online after facing an extended outage over the weekend.

MATIC, the native token of the Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform, traded up after holding onto gains despite the sequencer issue that saw Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta go offline for several hours.

Per the update, which Polygon offered via X, the Polygon zkEVM core team was able to apply a fix to the snag. This allowed L1 settlement of Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta to resume operations.

Notably, the network hitch only impacted the zkEVM beta. All other ecosystem components, including Polygon PoS and Polygon CDK were not impacted.

The price of MATIC was in a positive territory over the 24-hour timeframe, up 4.1% at the time of writing. This put MATIC at $1.04.

Bitbot to debut world’s first non-custodial Telegram bot

Crypto trading is on the upward trajectory and traders keen to access opportunities traditionally limited to institutional investors have looked to Telegram trading bots.

These customs apps offer institutional-graded trading tools directly from within the Telegram app, and a popular among crypto traders.

Bitbot, a new entrant into the market, has captivated the community by offering the first-ever non-custodial trading bot on Telegram. The key to Bitbot’s attractiveness is its focus on user security.

Unlike other trading bots, Bitbot is designed to have users retain control of their private keys. Integration with Knightsafe provides for this self-custody architecture, with tools such as anti-MEV and anti-rug complementing the overall safety and privacy of users.

AI trading tools, including automated sniping, add to Bitbot’s outlook as a top crypto trading bot. There’s also a revenue-sharing program where BITBOT holders are guaranteed a share of bot’s daily revenue.

Bitbot powers through presale

Polygon (MATIC) traded in the green on Monday as top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum looked to bounce to key resistance levels. 

BTC and ETH were poised at $67k and $3,450 respectively, with bulls likely to eye $70k and $4k in coming weeks.

While prices could dip amid other market conditions, the overall picture is bullish in the latter stages of the year. Bitbot, which aims to dominate the Telegram bots market, could ride tailwinds in the sector to the moon.

This outlook is likely fueling Bitbot’s presale pace. Currently in stage 7, the project has raised over $1.37 million. The BITBOT price has jumped to $0.0134 and will rise until the final stage 15. 

With BITBOT price programmed to increase to $0.02 in the final presale stage, the early bird could be looking at significant returns when the non-custodial bot hits the market. 

Learn more about Bitbot before you buy. Visit their website.

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