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TokenFi and ONDO soar amid bullish predictions for RWA tokens


SEC’s approval of spot Ethereum ETFs could ignite the real-world assets (RWA) market.
Analysts say this outlook will push ONDO and TOKEN prices higher?
Bitbot token is emerging a top target for Telegram bot traders.

TokenFi (TOKEN) price rose 10% to reach $0.13 while Ondo (ONDO) surged more than 13% to hit a new all-time high of $1.15. Key to the positivity around these two tokens is anticipation around a new growth trajectory in the real-world asset (RWA) market.  

Also on analysts’ lists of bullish sectors is the Telegram trading app ecosystem. New project Bitbot (BITBOT) is showing remarkable presale performance to suggest it could be one to watch.

Here’s the price outlook for these three tokens.

TokenFi and Ondo could be biggest winners of ETH ETF approval

On Friday, technical analyst Shelby aka Crypto Newton, pointed out that one of the biggest winners following the Ethereum ETFs approval could be the real-world assets (RWA) space.

Top of the list of projects likely to outperform amid the anticipated adoption wave are TokenFi and Ondo Finance.  

“The RWA sector seems to be the biggest winner of the $ETH ETF approval today, with $TOKEN and $ONDO showing impressive strength shortly after the approval! I expect TokenFi to dominate even more in the coming weeks alongside the entire RWA sector as BlackRock CEO Larry Fink goes on national TV to talk about how the ETH ETF will accelerate #tokenization,” Shelby opined.

Both tokens have surged double-digits in the past 24 hours, with ONDO up 17% and TOKEN currently soaring by 14%.

The ETF sentiment and RWA narrative have pushed ONDO to a new all-time high, with price hitting $1.15 earlier in the day. If bulls take control and push higher, Ondo price could target more gains price discovery.

Meanwhile, TOKEN price has reached a four-week high of $0.13. This opens up a potential breakout to the all-time high of $0.24 reached in March.

The TokenFi team is upbeat on the next era for tokenization, a topic that BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has expounded on severally.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot is a new project looking to dominate by offering the world’s first non-custodial trading bot on Telegram. This puts focus on the security of users’ assets as they trade on the world’s largest instant messaging app.

For traders, Bitbot promises more than access to all the top institutional-grade trading tools and AI-powered features.

The whitepaper describes a secure trading interface backed by the self-custody solution of Knightsafe, as well as anti-rug and anti-MEV protection – aspects that set the new bot apart from current apps.

Bitbot price prediction as presale reaches final stages

TOKEN and ONDO price gains in the past 24 hours come as the crypto market welcomes SEC’s approval of spot Ethereum ETFs.

In a week that also saw US lawmakers pass key crypto bills amid bipartisan strengthening, the market is extremely abuzz. The outlook for the industry has analysts taking bullish stances on projects that could benefit most from the regulatory clarity emerging in the US.

Bitbot looks set to be one of those to watch as the crypto trading market grows.

As it moves towards its launch, Bitbot offers early adopters a chance to get the native BITBOT token at heavily discounted prices.

Currently, the presale is at $0.0189 per token. The final stage will see Bitbot price increase to $0.02 before the listing on top exchanges potentially catalyses an explosive market debut.

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